30T Heat Size EAF Melt Shop with Continous Billet Caster

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Year of Mfg. 2004-2014, Installed but never been used.
The Equipment was purchased over a 10-year period, starting in 2004. But recently management of the owners
Siderurgica Sao Joaquim, Brazil decided to purchase the billets and not get involved in steelmaking.
The Buyer needs to invest in completing the Installation. Danieli prepared a report on what further investments are needed.

The line consists of :
  • 30 Ton EAF (Electric Arc Furnace) “CONCAST”
  • Continous Billet Caster Mfg. “HAS Engenharia”

Auxiliary Equipment :
  • 75 Ton Overhead Crane “BIVIGIA”; Span 18 Meter
  • 40/20 Ton Overhead Crane “BIVIGIA”; Span 18 Meter
  • BAGHOUSE/DEDUSTING PLANT Mfg. “PRODUMAR TECNOLOGIA MARELLI”; Cap. 2 x 350.000 m³/h; Drives 2 x 400kW; 4 Compartments.
  • 3 x Scrap Buckets
  • 2 x Transfer Cars
  • 3 x Ladles
  • 3 x Tundishes

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