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Roderik Huber


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Legacy Pharmaceuticals is a Swiss contract manufacturer and service provider (CMO) specializing in th fill/finish of sterile and semi-solid drug products for the global pharmaceutical industry.

Legacy was originally founded in 1947 and has been privately owned since 2007. Legacy is approved by SWISSMEDIC, EMEA, US FDA, and PMDA. The company is able to meet the stringent regulatory requirements in the various markets around the world -products currently manufactured by Legacy on behalf of our clients are sold in 112 countries worldwide. Legacy employs 180 people and provides one-stop-shop services from API supply, Sterile Drug Products filling, and secondary packaging through to shipment to clients’ distribution centers worldwide.

After several years of expansion, the Swiss company was forced to file for bankruptcy in December 2020. After the decontamination of the facility, the Cantonal Insolvency Department Basel-Land organized a liquidation sale of all assets at the end of March 2021. It was Hilco, who put forward the best offer and removal conditions and as a result, they were awarded the acquisition of all machinery and equipment and the removal and clearance of the factory buildings. 

The installation was in a testing phase when Legacy Pharma Solution in Switzerland went bankrupt. The lines have never been in production and are only used for testing purposes. 
*Certifications of all equipment are available. 

Dismantling and load

All lots will be disconnected, moved out of the building, and loaded on a truck by Hilco. For more information, please see the Terms and Conditions.