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Shipbuilding & Manufacturing Equipment formerly owned by Hanjin Philippines Shipyard

*Per information provided by the previous owner:

  • Hanjin Heavy Industries & Construction Company Ltd. of the Philippines recognized among the 10th Largest Shipyards In The World
  • 300 Ha/740 Acres of area for the entire manufacturing unit
  • 35000 Staff employed during the height of the Shipyard
  • Equipment installed new from 2007 to 2009 at the shipyard
  • Hanjin successfully built the first ship in 2009 at the shipyard


Featured Equipment:

1.           Goliath-Jib (Dockyard)-, Gantry-, Semi Gantry Cranes, Overhead Cranes and Lifting Equipment
2.           3.000+ Welders, Welding Accessories, Machine Tools, and Fabricating Equipment
3.           Dockyard Equipment, 5000+ lots, Tooling & Accessories.
4.           Forklifts Hydr.- & Crawler Cranes, Aerial Platforms, Boomstackers, Tractor & Trailers, Trucks, Vans, Buses, Cars.


Plate Bending Rolls, Iron-Workers, Press-Brakes, Shears, Plasma Cutting Machines, Beveling Machines, Saws,
H-Beam Drilling Machines, Drill Grinders, Pipe Bending- and Pipe Cutting Machines


Trestles (150 Ton, 60 and 40Ton), Electric Winches, Screw-Jacks.
Gondolas, Ladders, Gangways, Tower Lights, 
Keel Blocks, Wedges, Fenders.
Spot Coolers (30 and 60 HP), Dehumidifiers 15.000 CMH, Portable Fans
Power Supply Pannels, Compressors, Oil Flushing Machines


Tractors, Trailers, Trucks, Boom Trucks, Pick-up Trucks, Vans, Cars.
Mobile Cranes, Crawler Crane, Forklifts (2 to 16 Ton),
Aerial Working Platforms, Scissor Lifts, Boom Lifts,