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End Of Automobile Manufacturing On The Continent

GraysOnline and Hilco Industrial Acquisitions B.V. to manage the entire sale process on all M&E assets at the 77-acre manufacturing facility.

May 23, 2017 – Amsterdam, Netherlands: Hilco Industrial Acquisitions B.V. (www.HilcoHIA.com) announced in May 2017 that it has begun the private treaty sale process on all machinery and equipment assets located at the Toyota manufacturing facility in the suburban city of Altona North, Melbourne, Australia.

The machinery and equipment at the Altona North manufacturing facility is extensive and state of the art as the site had produced over 3.4 million Toyota Camry, Aurion & Avalon vehicles including Hybrid automobiles since 1994, all of which were sold within Australia and for export throughout the Middle East and Asia. The Altona plant is comprised of seven distinct facilities on a 77-acre site and was once viewed as a marvel of vertical integration in a small market. The site employed over 2500 workers, producing approximately 100,000 cars per year using both human capital and 280 welding robots to create a single vehicle.

Hilco Industrial Acquisitions directors have indicated that there has already been substantial interest in the machinery and equipment at the facility from global buyers from Asia through to North America.

Robert Bouland – CEO of Hilco Industrial Acquisitions B.V. said “This is an unprecedented sale with machinery and equipment assets that are in exceptionally good condition.” Mr. Bouland indicated that the availability of assets of this caliber is unusual as it represents a consolidation of facilities rather than a bankruptcy which often has older automotive manufacturing equipment.”

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