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Danieli Rebar Rolling Mill From Posco SS Vina

Posco SS Vina reorganized its business and sold off its Rebar Rolling Mill and going forward, Posco Yamato SS Vina will focus on making section products like H-Beams with its remaining Section Mill.

Yamato Kogyo Group bought a 49% stake in Posco SS Vina on December 13th, 2019, reiterating that Posco SS Vina had withdrawn from the Rebar Market. Darko Pepovski, VP Marketing & Sales quotes: “This is a unique opportunity to purchase a very modern Rebar Rolling Mill, which only operated for 4 years. The Rebar Mill was built by Danieli Morgardshammar, a combination of Swedish technology and Italian passion for metals in over 150 years applied in 500 plants.The rebar mill is consisting of walking-beam furnace (state-of-art regenerative burner combustion), (18) Mill Stands, QBT System, Cold Shear, Bundle & Binding.”

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